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How to reduce private school fees

There’s no avoiding it; private schools come at a cost. Regrettably, this puts private education totally out of reach for some families. For other parents, there’s a worry about the financial strain they’d put themselves under by committing to years of private school fees. It’s no wonder you’re probably asking yourself: can school fees be […]


What are the hidden costs of private school?

If you’ve started to consider a private education for your child, you’ve probably already looked at the cost of school fees. Depending on the school, the area, and whether your child would board, the price per term for a private school can vary hugely. For many parents, budget will play a role in selecting a […]


How to find scholarships, bursaries and funding for private schools in the UK

You probably know that private education in the UK can come with a hefty price tag. The costs of private schooling can vary dramatically, so if you’re set on sending your child to an independent school but you’re worried about feeling the pinch financially, it’s worth exploring all the options to reduce the burden on […]

Everything you need to know about private schools

Everything you need to know about private school education

Choosing your child’s school is a milestone for any parent. For some, selecting a school is a source of excitement, but other parents can feel anxiety, too. You need to be sure you’re making the right decision for your child’s happiness, well-being and learning. Researching the options can be an overwhelming task, so if you’re […]

How much does private school cost in the UK?

How much does private school cost in the UK? And why do private school fees vary so much?

Deciding whether to send your child to private school is a big financial decision. Can you really afford private school? Will you be able to fund private education for the whole of your child’s schooling? School fees vary drastically across the UK, so it’s important you do your research and understand the differences between private […]