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save money on
School Fees

Eden specialises in reducing the cost of private education.

Every year we help parents save thousands!

save money on
School Fees

Eden specialises in reducing the cost of private education.

Every year we help parents save thousands!

How to save on School Fees!

  • Work out how much School Fees are likely to cost in total
  • Start saving as early as you can
  • Negotiate with the School, they are a business after all...
  • Don't be afraid to ask the school for a grant or bursary

Want to see how much you can save?

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The High Earner

Despite a high level of income and assets, John and Michelle’s lifestyle expenditure was unsustainable. School Fees added to the problem as they were unable to save sufficiently for their future.

infographic high income asset base school fees planning

The Business Owner

Cash sitting in a company bank account cannot help with school fees, or can it?

Business owners often have greater flexibility when it comes to planning and paying their school fees. We worked with Jeremy and Martha on "the great profit extraction."

infographic tax efficient school fees planning business owner retirement profit extraction

The Grandparent

Balancing your own financial needs with those of your family (children / grandchildren) can cause conflict and anxiety.

Joanna was in a comfortable financial position but had a major dilemma, retire early or help her daughter pay school fees, putting off her retirement for a number of years.

infographic grandparent retirement inheritance tax school fees plan

Why plan for School Fees

The cost of private school (age 4-18) is now over £300,000 per child, with most parents paying an additional £200,000 in income tax.

A School Fees Plan will show you how to fund your school fees efficiently, without neglecting your other long term financial goals.

There are often many alternative ways to fund school fees which can also facilitate your other financial goals. Improving your tax efficiency for example, will have a major impact on your long term wealth.

Whether you consider yourself in a good financial position or not, we believe every parent can benefit from a school fees plan.


By focusing exclusively on School Fees we've built a wealth of expertise on solutions optimal for almost every client situation.

As you might imagine, we help families make the most of their financial resources, to minimise the significant impact of funding Private School.

We believe in the value of a Private Education, and whilst sadly it is not accessible to all, we are in the privileged position of being able to help thousands of families make it just that little bit easier.

The goal therefore is clear, to fund school fees, the art is in understanding your financial life and showing you what is possible. We aim to do that, show you what is possible, as quickly and clearly as we can, jargon free.

Our school fees plans are bespoke, each one ensures your school fees are affordable, efficient and sustainable, often showing savings of many tens of thousands of pounds.

If we cannot add value to you we will let you know and it will cost you nothing to find out!

 About us

30 years experience | millions of pounds in school fees saved

Gavin Crisp

Having attended Private School (many years ago) Gavin can personally attest to the benefits of Private Education.

"Saving money is what attracts parents to School Fees Planning but for me, the best thing is hearing from parents about the peace of mind they get in knowing their children's education is secure. That's what motivates me."

Robin Baker

With over 18 years financial services experience, Robin is one of the UK's most experienced school fees planners.

"There's great fulfilment in  helping parents achieve their goals. Private Schools reduce the burden on the state system so I'm 100% behind helping parents reduce the cost wherever possible."

I had been concerned that we aren’t ‘wealthy’ enough to make use of your service. You made it clear that I was welcome to have a discussion with you in the course of which you understood my approach to fees and accepted that we wanted to be VERY risk averse. You reassured me that my calculations weren’t unreasonable and gave me some of your thoughts which were very helpful.

Jane W